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André Backes

FACOM - School of Computer Science / UFU - Federal University of Uberlandia

Bouligand-Minkowski fractal dimension

Program to compute Bouligand-Minkowski fractal dimension from a 3D model (OBJ)

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How to use

This program can process only Wavefront .obj files as displayed below

After executing the program processOBJ.exe, click in Select OBJ files

Select as many file you wich to process

Click in Process OBJ files to compute the Bouligand-Minkowski for each OBJ file. The green bar indicates when it is done

For each file a text file with the resulting data is created

Resulting data: line_ID Dilation_Radius log(Dilation_Radius) log(Influence_Volume)

Fractal Dimension D = 3-S, where S is the slope of the line that fits the curve log(Dilation_Radius) x log(Influence_Volume)

Developed by André Backes - 2021