Welcome to the Computational Biology and Bioinformatics laboratory (Comp2Bio) of the Federal University of Uberlândia headed by the Prof. Dr Anderson Rodrigues dos Santos. This is a small and almost inexistent laboratory surviving due to the stubbornness of its head. Where you read "practically inexistent," I'm not overreacting: if you hang out at the Federal University of Uberlândia, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, and ask someone how to get at the Comp2Bio, I suppose that not a single person will give a useful answer, except if you bump on me.

        The Comp2Bio lab strives to complete the undergraduate and graduate studies, mainly of Computation Sciences students, providing them with concepts and methodology to work in the vast area of Genetics and Biochemistry. It is a personal effort, with few applicants every year, rarely pursued until the end by the students. I cannot blame them because, in Brazil, people are trained to be employees. They don't have skills to think about that as an opportunity for an inexistent area in Brazil. One shall remember Brazil as a country without significative manufacturing nor technology. For instance, I never received a grant from the government to my research despite always had indicated as conducting a prominent investigation. Well, after this almost sad introduction, let me talk a little more about Comp2Bio.

        We have three main research branches: genomic annotation, target discovery for vaccines, diagnostic and protein interaction networks. Realize that these three lines are linearly complementary. First, I need to know what genes I have within a genome (Pannotator). Second, investigate good candidates for vaccines (MEDpipe) and finally studies on how these targets relate to each other in a molecular process (Bridging Centrality pugin for GEPHI and GENPPI: standalone software for creating protein interaction networks from genomes ). Figure 1 depicts the branches of my research and, also includes ongoing graduate conclusion course works and master thesis of a few students of mine.

Check my Research Gate or ORCID for a complete list of my publications. Unfortunately, the majority of them are from my PhD course. This is because not all of my students use to produce a total peace of job without a government grant.

This a list of the software available on this server:

PANNOTATOR: an automated tool for annotation of pan-genomes


Mature Epitope Density--a strategy for target selection based on immunoinformatics and exported prokaryotic proteins


GENPPI: standalone software for creating protein interaction networks from genomes



A Bridging Centrality plugin for GEPHI and a case study for Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv





Anderson Santos

December, 2021